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When you need a battery installed, you can count on Dundas Automotive Repair , Our trained technicians to get the job done right. Plus, each battery is fully backed by our worry-free, nationwide warranty.

Our dependable batteries are the first choice of auto technicians nationwide. Get the performance and quality you deserve with Interstate Batteries.

Let us take care of all your batteries needs.

Make an appointment to get your replacement battery installed with America’s most trusted auto battery. Interstate  batteries are designed for the high-performance demands of today’s vehicles. They’re no ordinary battery, they’re extraordinary.

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Get A Fresh Auto Battery With Interstate Batteries!

Is your car in dire need of a new battery? We’ve got you covered. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about what your next steps should be.

“Who can change my car battery near me in London, On ?”

We can ensure you choose the right battery

When it’s time to purchase and/or replace a battery for your vehicle, come to Dundas Automotive Repair in London, Ontario for the best and quickest car battery replacement service. At Dundas Automotive Repair , we can ensure you choose the right battery for your vehicle, and we have the proper tools to help change out the old battery while keeping radio stations and other present electronic information in your vehicle. We will replace your new battery, and ensure your old one is properly disposed of.

Right Battery at right price

Once we’ve determined that your battery does need to be replaced, we’ll then help you find the type of battery that your vehicle needs.

#1 Replacement Car Battery Since 1965

Interstate Batteries is the #1 battery replacement in North America, with over 200,000 locations. Quality batteries at competitive pricing have made us the #1 choice for batteries by 4 out of 5 technicians.

Nationwide Warranty

Decades of delivering on the promise to treat our customers with integrity and respect has made Interstate the brand customers trust most.

Know Before You Drive .

Getting your car or truck battery tested is like a battery health report. In just a few minutes, it can tell you the strength of your battery today and even predicts the temperature that will produce auto battery failure. Battery tests are free at Dundas Automotive Repair and take just a few minutes. Know before you go. Get your car or truck battery tested today.


As with most vehicle parts, car batteries have limited lifespans. Even the best batteries eventually fail and need to be replaced. Before you assume your best bet is to head to the local auto parts store to buy a car battery, think again. There are several key advantages of having an auto technician replace your battery.

Car Battery Testing Service Near Me in London, ON


Unlike many big-box auto parts sellers, Dundas Automotive repair provides turn-key vehicle service, preventive maintenance and repairs. First, we sell vehicle batteries, but not just any vehicle batteries. When you purchase your new automotive battery from us, you eliminate the guesswork of trying to decide which brand to choose. We have already done this research for you and we sell only Interstate Premium batteries. Not only are they top-quality premium batteries with a two – three year warranty, they’re also proudly made in America.


Unlike big  box Auto Parts, which sell you a battery and send you on your way, we complete the entire process for you. Before we even sell you a new battery, we will test your existing battery for free to make certain you need a new battery in the first place. If you do need a replacement, we’ll sell it you — then install it and dispose of your old battery. What’s even better than that convenience factor is the fact we will not charge you a penny for battery testing .

The smartest approach to ensuring the reliability of your car battery is to replace a battery before it fails. When you remain up-to-date with your preventive maintenance servicing, you’ll know in advance when your battery charge is less than optimal. When you trust your vehicle maintenance and repair to Dundas Automotive , we’ll test the charge of your battery for free, sell you a top-quality battery and install it for you on the spot. You’ll drive away with peace of mind, money in your pocket and an outstanding battery. The next time your vehicle needs a battery or a battery test, contact us at Dundas Automotive repair.

MTZ Line Car and Truck Batteries

The MTZ absorbed glass-mat (AGM) battery with Pure Matrix™ power feeds power-hungry vehicles while serving up powerful engine starts. With a 48-month free replacement warranty

MTX Line Car and Truck Batteries

The MTX line offers long life and premium performance as an absorbed glass-mat (AGM) EFB battery and a 36-month free replacement warranty

MTP Line Car and Truck Batteries

Interstate Batteries’ MTP line has you covered with high-cranking performance for cold to moderate climates. With 30-month free replacement and six-year performance

New Battery replacement coding and Registration (for BMW) available at Dundas Automotive Repair

New Battery replacement coding and Registration (for BMW) available at Dundas Automotive Repair

Interstate batteries  in stock for All Makes & Models including  AGM Batteries for BMW Audi Mercedes , Porsche , VW , Audi , Volvo , Jaguar ,Dodge , Jeep and So may More…..

Winter is brutal on car batteries. Don’t get stuck in the cold. Get your battery tested for FREE.

Winter temps can take a toll on your battery. But the PROs at Dundas Automotive are here to make sure you’re ready to go in the rain, sleet or snow.

Our Technicians will test your battery to see if it has what it takes to get through the season and beyond. Best of all, battery testing is always FREE at Dundas Automotive your Interstate Battery Center.

Need a new one ? No worries. They’ll get you just what you need to get going.

There’s never a convenient time for a dead battery. However, battery problems aren’t always as obvious as a car that won’t start. If you’re having difficulty cranking your engine, see warning lights, notice a difference in the appearance of the regular lights on your dashboard, or suspect other electrical problems, make time for a checkup to avoid a roadside emergency. It’s a simple fact of life. At some point, your car’s battery is going to run out of juice. It’s going to wave farewell, say goodbye, go kaput! When it does, replacing your car’s old battery with a new battery by Interstate is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to the health and longevity of your vehicle. All cars are racing against time, some are just doing better than others. With an Interstate battery, your car can be doing better than others.

Dundas Automotive offers battery replacement near you in London, Ontario.

If you’re in the London, Ontario area, come to Dundas Automotive for all your battery needs. We offer battery changes and electrical repairs. We also offer other automotive services such as brake services, tire balancing, tire rotation, wheel alignment, hybrid & EV service, and more.

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