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Full Service Auto Repair & Maintenance That You Can Trust

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Dundas Automotive Preventative Maintenance Services | London , Ontario

Did you know it costs 46% more to fix what is broken versus performing preventative maintenance?

At Dundas Automotive, this statement really outlines our philosophy around vehicle care. Maintenance is about more than just oil changes and fluid flushes, it is about regular inspections and services that will keep your vehicle running in top shape with less stress, breakdowns and in the end, we can prove it will save you significant amounts of money over the lifetime of vehicle ownership.

What is Vehicle Preventative Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance includes regular service, inspections, and repairs, which prevent potential problems and keep a vehicle in good operating condition. Without proper care, the life of a car may be reduced by thousands of miles. For example, fluids can become contaminated and chemically alter after prolonged use. This can cause wear, corrosion, and the mechanical failure of parts. There is a wise saying that goes “You can pay now or you can pay later.” In the automotive field, this means that you can pay a little now for maintenance or pay much more later for repairs. A poorly-maintained vehicle will wear out and break down sooner than a well-maintained vehicle. In the long run, car maintenance saves you money.

Here are a few simple checks and procedures to help prevent problems and extend the life of your vehicle:

  • Oil/Filter change and lubrication
  • Belts and hoses’ inspection/replacement
  • Engine and cabin air filter inspection/replacement
  • Automatic transmission fluid and filter service
  • Manual transmission fluid service
  • Fuel filter inspection/replacement
  • Steering system inspection/fluid change
  • Engine coolant inspection/change
  • Differential fluid service
  • Battery and cables check
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Tune-up service
  • Brake service
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Tire inspection Rotation & Balance
  • Computerize wheel alignment
  • Exhaust system inspection
  • 30k 60k 100k 120k maintenance (Factory Scheduled)

Seasonal Preventative Maintenance
When the seasons start to change, you prepare yourself and get your home ready, so it only makes sense that you would get your vehicle ready as well. Different seasons can stress different systems of a vehicle, or make a problem more apparent. For example, the constant use of air conditioning during warm summer months might reveal a compressor problem. During fall, problems with the heating system may become apparent. Therefore, your car requires varying forms of maintenance depending on the season. Typically, you can break service needs down to two times a year: summer and winter. You would prepare for summer in the spring and prepare for winter in the fall. No matter what season it is, Dundas Automotive Repair in London Ontario wants to help you keep your car performing at its best.

Please contact us online or call us at (519) 455-9470 for routine preventive maintenance for your vehicle, seasonal maintenance, inspections, or if something looks like, smells like, sounds like, or feels like trouble. Our expert technicians will be happy to answer your questions and take care of all your vehicle needs!

Frequently asked questions

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Full Service Auto Repair & Maintenance That You Can Trust

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