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Shocks & Struts Repair & Replacement Service

Shocks & Struts Repair & Replacement Service

The components of a vehicle’s suspension system, such as the shocks and struts, need inspected, repaired, and even replaced over time. At Dundas  Automotive Repair , our service technicians will inspect your vehicle’s suspension systems to identify any potential issues with the shocks, struts, and springs, then we’ll replace them as needed.

Shocks & Struts Repair & Replacement Service In London, Ontario -Dundas Automotive

How do you know your vehicle needs shocks and struts service?

Most shock and strut manufacturers recommend service at or around 80,000 kilometers following a thorough inspection. In addition, if the vehicle exhibits ride quality or handling issues, the shocks and struts should be inspected or serviced as needed. Service recommendations may be based on the condition of key components.

Shocks and struts deteriorate slowly over time. Because of this, your vehicle’s suspension can go from bad to worse slowly over time.

What are Signs and Symptoms of Bad Shocks or Struts?

  • Your vehicle feels less stable
  • It’s harder to handle your vehicle when turning
  • Your tires are wearing faster than normal
  • You experience excessive bouncing after driving over a bumpy surface

Why replace them?

Worn out shocks and struts decrease the lifespan of your tires, as well as limit the steering and performance of your vehicle. Having these components serviced and/or replaced will significantly increase the performance of your vehicle. Some of these benefits include-

  • Better grip – Shocks and struts help in controlling your vehicle, thus improving your ability to safely handle bumps.
  • No Wear and Tear on Other Parts too – Worn shocks and struts save tires, brake pads, and other parts of your vehicle and thus create a smoother and comfortable ride.
  • Improved suspension performance – new shock and struts ensure your vehicle suspension performs well. It enhances steering and control along with keeping your ride smooth and comfortable.


What’s Included in a Shocks & Struts Repair at Dundas Automotive Repair ?

After a thorough inspection and analysis of your vehicle’s suspension system, Dundas Automotive provides recommendations for the suspension, including shocks and struts. Shocks and struts are integral components of your vehicle’s suspension system. If service is required, maintenance is performed using replacement shocks and struts that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. If necessary, a complete alignment may be performed.

Where Can I Get My Shocks & Struts Repaired Near Me?

At Dundas Automotive  Repair we offer repair services for your vehicle’s shocks and struts. If you feel your car’s suspension is less stable, call us today for an appointment.

Shocks & Struts Service for BMW Audi Mercedes , Porsche , VW , Audi , Volvo , Jaguar ,Dodge , Jeep and So may More…..


Shocks and struts inspection and installation in London Ontario

If you’re in the London, Ontario area, come to Dundas Automotive for all your Shock & Strut . We offer shocks and struts inspection and installation . We also offer other automotive services such as battery changes and electrical repairs ,brake services, tire balancing, tire rotation, wheel alignment, hybrid & EV service, and more.

To book an appointment for Shock & Strut  replacement at our London Auto shop, please click here. To learn more about Shock & Strut  services, or our other services and products, please contact us via our website, or call us at 519-455-9470.