Engine Oils & Fluids

Regularly scheduled oil changes are the key ingredient to a healthy engine and vehicle. Getting your oil changed provides excellent engine protection by preventing wear, rust, and corrosion in all London, Ontario climates. Oil changes ensure your engine will run newer, stronger and longer.

One of the basic car repair services is an oil change, and it is a good idea to stay up-to-date with the oil changes for your car. The oil is an important part of the engine, and if the oil dries up then it can cause major problems for your engine. At Dundas Automotive repair , we are experienced London oil change technicians , and we can help with a basic oil change as well as other oil-related maintenance and repairs that might be needed.

Taking care of the engine , depending on the make of the car, improves the chances of a car lasting for the long haul. Maintaining them regularly and ensuring issues are nipped at the bud, one can save himself, lot of unnecessary distress and hassles. However, only the very best and the skilled technicians should do this. At Dundas Automotive we pledge by the most trustworthy and experienced technicians to ensure that your car get the best attention and care it deserves .

At our Dundas automotive repair shop, we use the best synthetic or synthetic-blend oil and filters at an affordable price. And, of course, We offer a complimentary vehicle inspection with every oil change to insure your safety.

New Synthetic Blend 5W-30/Engine Oil $49.95

CAM2 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 meet or exceed the latest automotive manufacturers’ requirements of API SN and SN-RC


Outstanding engine cleanliness and protection against.


Best OEM lubricants for the Premium automotive brands, BMW, MBenz, Audi, Volvo and others

Best Seller for Japanese cars ENEOS FULL SYNTHETIC $99.95

Outstanding engine cleanliness and protection against wear

Lucas Oil

Lucas works miracles! Power steering stop leak, auto trans fix, and oil stabilizer, fuels system cleaner all awesome products because they work! And they work effectively immediately.

Liqui Moly


Synthetic vs Conventional Oil

Synthetic Oil is simply better than Conventional Oil;

Synthetic Oil lubricates better reducing friction and wear.
Synthetic Oil has more longevity.
Synthetic Oil has lower volatility, it does not vaporize out the exhaust as quickly.
Synthetic Oil neutralizes acids.
Synthetic Oil works as an additional coolant against engine heats.
Synthetic Oil has solvents for keeping the engine cleaner.
Synthetic Oil handles extreme high and low temperatures without breaking down the way Conventional Oil does.
Synthetic Oil is cleaner, it’s made in a laboratory where Conventional Oil is made from petroleum. Synthetic Oil can last three times longer than Conventional Oil, the average Conventional Oil change is 5,000 Kms or 3 month, whichever comes first. Synthetic Oil changes can last as long as 10,000 Kms . Synthetic Oil also lubricates better, producing less resistance in the engine resulting in more horsepower using slightly less gas.