Heating and Air Conditioning

The weather in London Ontario can be unpredictable. From frigid temperatures in the winter to high humidity during the summer, we often take our car heating and air conditioning systems for granted. When they stop working, your once climate-controlled cabin becomes an uncomfortable vessel.

If you’re experiencing issues with your heating and cooling system, our expert team of professionals can help you get back the comfort you deserve.

The best ways to know if your heating and A/C are having troubles:

air conditioning blows just a little cooler than the air outside

Air that blows in smells moist, rotten, or like mildew 
A/C only operates when driving, not when idling
The defroster takes longer compared to normal to operate

Your heater blows chilly air, or the A/C blows warm  
Not warm up in winter



If you notice any of these signs, you should bring your car in to have it looked at. Getting a car air conditioner service at the first sign of trouble will save you both money and time. Come to Dundas Automotive Repair for an AC service repair before any damage spreads.

How Car Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Work

Heating and A/C systems function to keep your vehicle cabin warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The air conditioning system additionally offers a dual function of working your defrost in the winter season. Heating systems are comprised of a heating unit core that acts like a small radiator behind the dash, fan, and hoses that operate the warmth from the engine to the center. Air conditioning systems work similarly, by delivering coolant to the fan to blow cool air in the cabin. Unlike residence heating and cooling systems, your heater and A/C don't completely operate off electric parts, however they make use of the engine's heat energy and the engine's cooling down capacities to alter the temperature.

Heating and Air Conditioning repairs service

Why service is essential: Heating and A/C systems could wear out gradually with usage, hose pipes can obstruct and leak if not serviced, leading to inadequate performance or a shortage of heating and cooling capabilities. Effective upkeep could keep your vehicle comfortable for you and your passengers.

Common AC and Heating System Repairs

We will thoroughly evaluate your car’s heating and AC system and determine what repair is necessary. Some of the more common heating and AC system repairs are:

Refrigerant leak ,Dye Test

 Coolant system leak check and fix 
A/C Condenser replacement
Evaporator replacement

AC compressor replacement  
AC  Expansion valve replacement
Blower motor replacement 

Heater core replacement   
AC  Control system repairs


We have the training and the experience to diagnose and service most north american types of auto air conditioning &  heating problems. We’ve been repairing heating & auto air conditioning in London Ontario for over 35 years… when it comes to heating and air conditioning maintenance or repairs, you can be assured your vehicle is in good hands at Dundas Automotive Repair. Call us now to book an appointment today !