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The radiator in your vehicle plays a key part in keeping the engine cool. Our team has the tools & experience to keep your cooling system functioning properly.

Let us take care of all your Cooling System Service needs.

A Vehicle’s radiator has the important task of keeping the engine cool. Radiator repair and maintenance is essential to the health of your engine and your vehicle. The most common radiator repairs involve simple part replacement and radiator fluid exchange. Additionally, most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing coolant/antifreeze at regular intervals.

Radiator Repair and Replacement Near me in London, ON

The radiator in your vehicle has the critical job of keeping your engine from overheating. Why is this important? Because an overheated engine can quickly become a damaged and unusable one. Not only does this put you at risk while on the road. Engines and their related parts can also be some of the most expensive things to repair in your vehicle.

How does a radiator work?

Radiators work to eliminate heat from the engine. The process begins when the thermostat in the front of the engine detects excess heat. Then coolant and water get released from the radiator and sent through the engine to absorb this heat.

Apart from the radiator and coolant fluid, there are three other basic parts involved in this process. First, there’s the water pump that pushes the coolant through the various hollows and tubes. Second, there’s a fan that kicks in when there isn’t sufficient fresh air travelling into the vehicle to cool the fluid (e.g. while idling). And lastly, there’s a thermostat, which closes to keep the coolant inside the engine for just the right amount of time, before opening up and allowing the fluid to travel to the radiator.

How do I know if my car needs a radiator repair?

If your vehicle displays any of the following warning signs, we recommend bringing it in for an immediate inspection

  1. The “check engine” light gets activated on the dashboard. Or the engine’s temperature gauge (also on the dashboard) edges closer toward the “Hot” side. Either of these are clear indications that your engine is getting too hot.
  2. You notice large amounts of white smoke coming out from under the hood or out the exhaust pipe. This is the result of coolant being burned as it leaks internally.
  3. You notice a colourful fluid dripping from the front of your vehicle. Or the fluid may be deposited under it and will appear red, green, or yellow. This is the result of an external coolant leak.
  4. The heater inside the passenger cabin is no longer pushing out warm air. Or at least not enough to keep you warm on a cold day. (Why would this signal a problem with your cooling system? Because the hot air passing through the radiator is the same hot air that gets diverted to heat up the passenger cabin on cold days.)

Why Should You Have Replace Radiator Services Performed at Dundas Automotive Repair

It’s extremely important to repair or replace your radiator if it isn’t working properly. If you think your radiator is malfunctioning, there are signs that might help you determine the appropriate time to schedule a service. One sign that your radiator isn’t working could be an elevated temperature gauge, which is an indication that your engine may be overheating. Another sign of a malfunctioning radiator is a green, yellow, or orange puddle of coolant under your car, which may point to a radiator leak. Radiators spring leaks due to corrosion. If you notice problems with your radiator, contact us and we’ll determine if your radiator needs to be repaired or replaced.

Our Services

  • Radiator pressure cat testing to ensure that the system is being kept at the proper pressure level
  • Thermostat testing
  • Pressure testing to ensure there are no leaks in the radiator, water pump, coolant passages, hoses, or heater cool
  • Internal leak testing to ensure no gas is leaking into the coolant system
  • Hose and belt visual inspections
  • Cooling system flushes and refills
  • Engine fan testing

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