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Your one-stop for auto, commercial, marine, & motorcycle batteries with  Lowest Prices and  Largest Inventory In The Area .

Dundas Automotive Repair provides battery sales and services on a wide selection of automotive batteries, motorcycle batteries, ATV batteries, jet-ski batteries, and lawn & garden batteries. We have the right solution for you. With over 16,000 different kinds of batteries, you can depend on our professionals to have everything for your critical power solutions.

Dundas Automotive and Interstate Batteries has been powering vehicles and your home devices for decades. We have a large variety of batteries for any one of your needs. All of our batteries provide long-lasting power for any one of your devices and or vehicles. We also specialize in battery recycling. Below is a list of battery options we offer.


Is it time to replace your car or truck battery? We carry batteries for most vehicles . Each fully backed by our worry-free, nationwide warranty, our car and truck batteries deliver the performance you deserve and the quality we've delivered since 1952. After all, there’s a reason Interstate batteries are the first choice for auto technicians. When you need to be somewhere, you need a car or truck battery with dependability you can trust; you need an Interstate battery. Call us today for assistance finding the right battery for your needs.


Do you need commercial batteries? We carry the most powerful and reliable batteries for the most significant needs. If you have commercial equipment or industrial vehicles, you know they require large amounts of power, longevity, and dependability.


We have premium power solutions for all your marine needs. Our batteries will help you speed through the waves. Whether you have a boat, jet-ski, or other personal watercraft, depend on us for the quality you rely on.


If you have a motorcycle, you want hassle-free, dependable power. We have batteries compatible with bikes from 1955 all the way up to today's models. From conventional to AGM technology, we offer a full range of options.

Floor Scrubbers

Looking for floor scrubber batteries? We can get those too ! Whatever type of battery you may need, rely on us to have it. or get it from interstate warehouse


We carry stronger, longer-lasting batteries to power your RV to go anywhere. No battery lasts longer than ours. Contact us today to learn more!

Golf Cart

Our golf cart battery line outperforms anything in the market. They are designed to withstand the severe, repeated stress of deep cycling.


Do you rely on a powered wheelchair or personal mobility scooter to get around?  We've got you covered! (Special order from warehouse )

Power Boats

We sell power boat batteries for all makes and models. Whether you need long-running power for accessories or trolling motors, you can expect to find it at Dundas Automotive you Interstate Battery Dealer of London , Ontario

Auto, Commercial and Marine Reconditioned Batteries

Our team of knowledgeable technicians has a reputation for top-quality products and services for residential, automotive, marine and commercial applications. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction so contact us today for expert service.

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