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Interstate Batteries

Outrageously Dependable

We sell batteries for cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, boats and more!

Interstate Batteries sells over 16,000 different kinds of batteries - our batteries provide the power you need for cars, trucks, ATVs and so much more. You'll find Interstate has EVERY BATTERY FOR EVERY NEED. Stop by or call 519-455-9470 today!

  • We Stock a wide selection of top quality batteries for a variety of applications.
  • Automotive Batteries
  • Truck Batteries
  • Marine Batteries
  • RV Batteries
  • Industrial Batteries
  • Golf Cart Batteries
  • Electronic Batteries
  • Mobile Batteries
  • Medical Device Batteries
  • Cordless Power Tool Batteries
  • Computer Batteries
  • Standard Alkaline Batteries

(includes scooter, wheelchair, accessibility)
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*A $10/$20/$30 refundable core charge will apply to every
purchase without a core exchange

The list is endless. Not only will our experts make it easy to find just the right battery, but we can handle all your battery recycling needs as well! Come in today or submit your request for a battery quote and we’ll do the research for you.


Our products deliver industry-leading reliability for even the most demanding drivers. And what has always made us special on the inside is now better reflected on the outside!

With you in mind, this new design provides clearer and more concise details on all of our auto products. Our signature green color and distinct logo are enhanced with other color cues, new names on select models and specific warranty details that easily identify the right battery for the right need.

Check out the new line-up below.


Interstate Batteries® MTZ



For cars that would benefit from advanced Pure Matrix™ Power technology and use a lot of accessories and plug-ins.

 Almost 3x the life of conventional flooded batteries
40% more cranking power while still powering accessories
Plenty of power for accessories and plug-ins even while the engine is off

Interstate Batteries MTX


For cars that use a lot of accessories and plug-ins or require an AGM.

 30-month free replacement warranty now a 36-month free replacement warranty
Up to 2x the life of conventional flooded batteries
Superior starting power
Plenty of power for accessories and plug-ins even while the engine is off

Interstate Batteries MTP


 Our best flooded, non-AGM battery
Longest life and high-cranking performance in cold to moderate climates*
Ideal for customers wanting to meet OEM specifications

Interstate Batteries MT

Our better flooded, non-AGM battery
Classic performance life and starting power
Offers the longest life in hot-to-moderate climates for cars and trucks*

Interstate M Batteries

18-month free replacement warranty is now a 12-month free replacement warranty
Standard performance life
Ample cranking power
For the value-minded customer

Commercial Series Batteries

Interstate's commercial series automotive batteries provide dependable power for your heavy-duty applications. With an 18-month free replacement warranty, this battery works overtime–providing power and endurance to get you where you need to go.

Interstate Commercial Truck Batteries

Let Our Batteries Do the Work for You

Our line of commercial vehicle batteries is designed to offer durability you can see, reliability you can trust and extreme power you can feel. Having the right battery to power trucking, agricultural or industrial equipment is essential to help businesses run more smoothly. We deliver our products with integrity and provide the excellence that fleet managers trust. With up time, safety and reliability in mind, our Group 31s utilize a fully sealed design, rugged durability and high vibration protection for your commercial needs.

Interstate Trucking Batteries

With the right power behind you, you’ll never doubt your ability to deliver. Interstate’s commercial line includes starting, cycling and AGM batteries with top-notch reliability for over the road, short-haul delivery, construction and mining commercial trucks. We look forward to earning your trust through our ongoing devotion to quality and our industry knowledge of what large trucks need to perform at their best.

Farm and Agriculture Batteries

With solutions designed to meet the power needs of tractors, plows, combines, sprayers, harvesters, balers, seeders, wind rowers and more, our line of farm and agriculture batteries is designed to work hard, withstand extreme weather and perform day after day. At Interstate, we are always looking for ways to continually improve our service and products so that we can meet the ever-changing needs of those who depend on us. We’ll keep you moving as you cultivate your path for success.

Industrial Equipment Batteries

Industrial vehicles require strength, longevity and reliability from their power source to get the job done. Our line of industrial batteries is designed to power forklifts, scissor lifts, sweeper-scrubbers, service utility vehicles, buses, ambulances and more. Whether you need a 6 volt or 12 volt, our batteries will keep your industrial equipment running longer. Industry professionals trust us to keep their business going, which challenges us to push the limits and provide the best product possible for those who turn to Interstate.

M Line Commercial Series Batteries

Interstate's M- Line commercial series  batteries provide affordable  power for your heavy-duty applications. When you need to keep your fleet on road this battery works overtime–providing power and endurance to get you where you need to go.