Car Battery Replacement and Service London Ontario

There’s never a convenient time for a dead battery. However, battery problems aren’t always as obvious as a car that won’t start.
If you’re having difficulty cranking your engine, see warning lights,notice a difference in the appearance of the regular lights on your dashboard, or suspect other electrical problems, make time for a checkup to avoid a roadside emergency.

Signs of a Dying Car Battery

There aren't always warning signs when it comes to a dead car battery. It typically sneaks up on us when we least expect. If you remember to keep an eye on your car's battery, however, there may be some signs that could suggest it is time to have your battery replaced or at least looked at by our service technicians.

These signs include the check engine light turning on, low battery fluid, a battery case that looks swollen, leaks or general difficulty getting the car to start. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is best not to wait. Reach out to us and schedule an appointment. We will look over the problem and help you to find the best solution.

Battery Service/Test

Your vehicle’s battery provides all the electrical power to start the vehicle.

Performing a Battery Service/Test will:

  • Determine the current condition and functionality of the battery
  • Helps maintain proper alternator operation
  • Help to increase battery life and reliable starting.We Recommend a Battery Service/Test once a year or every 20,000 Kms.

Service typically includes:

  • Inspecting the battery, battery cables and terminals
  • Cleaning the battery surface and terminals
  • Performing an open circuit voltage and load test and treating the battery terminals to help prevent corrosion.


Other Battery Related Services


Battery Cables and Terminals provide the necessary electrical path to transfer the battery power to the entire vehicle. Replacing the Battery Cables and Terminals will provide longer battery life and alternator operation.


Service typically includes:


  • Removing the battery cables and terminals
  • Cleaning debris from the battery
  • Installing new battery cables and terminalWe will properly tighten cables and terminals to factory specification and treat battery terminals to help prevent corrosion.


Battery Replacement Service includes:


  • Removing the old battery
  • Cleaning debris from the battery holder
  • Installing new battery
  • Properly tightening cables and hold-down clamps to ensure battery will not move
  • Treating battery terminals to help prevent corrosion.
  • Replacing the Battery will provide quicker starting; proper alternator operation and provide peace of mind that your vehicle will start.


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