Diagnosing and repairing anti-lock brake systems

ABS Repair – We Repair Antilock Brakes on All Makes & Models

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Most of today’s vehicles come equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS). At Dundas Automotive, our expert technicians have the training and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and provide anti lock brakes repair on all ABS braking systems

Anti-Lock Brake Service  Near Me in London, ON

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What are Anti-lock brakes and how do they work?

The anti-lock braking systems (ABS) are designed to prevent the wheels of your vehicle from locking during hard braking. No matter how good of a driver you are, when the wheels of your car are locked, instead of stopping, they end up sliding over the road. This can cause you to lose the ability to steer, resulting in the vehicle spinning out of control. Therefore, the ABS system in your car is an important safety feature, especially in Ontario, where roads can often get slick with rain and snow

ABS Repair – We Repair Anti-lock Brakes on All Makes & Models

If your vehicle’s ABS warning light comes on, that usually indicates there is a fault condition somewhere in the ABS brake system that the ABS computer is detecting. This is most likely an electrical fault, like a defective wheel speed sensor or a defective power relay for the ABS module or pump. Sometimes it can indicate a lower than normal fluid level in a dedicated ABS fluid reservoir.

If there are no other brake system warning lights on, you can drive the vehicle although it will have a non-functioning anti lock brakes system. It is important to note, however that since there is no ABS system, the vehicle can skid out of control in a panic-type stop, especially in less than ideal road conditions.

Is it safe to drive with the ABS light and brake light on?

If other brake system lights are illuminated along with the ABS light, then there is usually something seriously wrong with the overall braking system. It is very likely that the vehicle is not safe to drive, and the safest thing to do is have the vehicle towed to our shop. If there is a brake system problem, it is very possible that the vehicle could experience a brake failure that would endanger lives.

On most vehicles, the brake light alerts you to problems such as low brake fluid or low brake pads. On some older vehicles, the brake light will kick in along with the ABS light to alert you to an ABS system problem. Unless your vehicle is one of these, it’s a good idea to err on the side of safety, consider your brakes unreliable, and It is a good idea to call our service department to have it checked out just to be on the safe side.

Why does my brake pedal pulsate sometimes?

If your brake pedal pulsates during sudden stops or on slippery roads, that’s probably your ABS in action, pumping the brakes. Keep your foot on the brake until your vehicle stops.

Several brake problems can cause brake pedal movement. Whenever your vehicle feels different without a clear explanation, request a brake inspection

“Can I find Anti-Lock service & repair near me in London, Ontario?”

You can! At Dundas Automotive in London, On , We specialize in ABS repair, module & sensor replacement for all cars and trucks. We have the qualifications, training, experience, and equipment for all ABS repairs. Our brake technician have the same high-tech diagnostic equipment as dealerships to diagnose any ABS issue and repair it right the first time. We also provide you with OEM quality ABS parts to ensure that your factory warranty is maintained current.

Anti-lock Brake (ABS) Service & Repair on All Makes & Models in London, On

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