SP-30 Lawn and Garden Battery

$95.95 $59.95

Product ID: SP-30
Cranking Amps: 310
Cold Cranking Amps: 250
Voltage: 12
Termination: NUT & BOLT
Weight (lbs): 16.3
Width (in): 5.13
Length (in): 7.72
Height (in): 7.30
ReserveCapacity-25: 25.00


Interstate Batteries SP-30 Lawn and Garden Battery Our Lawn/Garden batteries are available in various cranking capacities to meet your needs in any mower, tractor, loader, backhoe, 4-wheeler, generator, or commercial walk-behind lawnmowers. The extra tough container and high-impact, thermally-sealed cover protect against breakage and leakage. Power and dependability are backed by the unmatched service of the Interstate system.


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