Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery – DCM0035

$189.95 $139.95

12 Volt 35 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery designed for Deep-Cycle applications.

  • Ideal for Electric Mobility – wheelchair, scooter,
  • Absorbent Glass Mat Technology
  • Computer-generated grid design optimized for high power density
  • Safe for Public Tranportation, Shipping, Indoor Use
  • Convenient Carrying Handle

Product ID: DCM0035
Milliamp Hours: 0
Voltage: 12
Weight (lbs): 23.1
Length (in): 7.68
Height (in): 6.14


This Group U1 or GT9L non-lithium battery is sure to provide long life and dependable power for whatever the application you have – mobility, agriculture, lighting, or medical devices. The sealed DCM0035 (12 volt/35 AH) can be mounted at any angle and is cleared for air, surface or water transport. Great little battery for small boat !
I use these batteries for my inflatable Pontoon Boats. We have two with trolling motors. They will work HARD for 4-5 hours and still have some power to get me back to the dock. They are light weight and very easy for the wife and I to load on the boats. Wonderful batteries. Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery Trolling Motor: Sealed Lead Acid .Are you looking for the best deep cycle marine battery trolling motor? The Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) – DCM0035 is one of the best trolling motor battery available. It can power your motor all day long. It enables you to have a hassle free trolling experience. Unlike other wet acid batteries, this battery is spill-proof. It affords you the convenience of rough trolling without worrying about damaging its cells. The Absorbed Glass Matt technology binds this battery’s cells together while containing the electrolyte to make it spill-proof. That means that you do not need to maintain this battery at all. You simply buy and install it to enjoy it long service.


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